Are you on a ketogenic diet? Having a healthy ketogenic breakfast and dinner is quite easy but what about lunch? You need to learn every secrets of a ketogenic lunch. Here are some Keto Diet Lunch Ideas.

  • The perfect spread of keto lunch:

The perfect yet easy to start off your day is with bacon, eggs and asparagus which satisfy every keto diet like protein, fibre and fat.

  • Breakfast with a bowl full of avocado:

If you are in a hurry and you don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen then avocado is the best option for you. It is rich in fats and fibre. You can have ham, sausage and prosciutto with avocado instead of having that same boring bacon.

  • Turkey Sausage Frittata:

If you like eggs, this is for you. The turkey sausage Frittata is a spongy and fluffy omelette from Italy. It also uses the same ingredients used to make a normal egg omelette but the difference is its versatility, it can last for a week if it is stored in a refrigerator.

  • Low carb keto lasagna:

Instead of eating the same lasagna noodles that is very heavy in carbs, you can replace it zucchini (sliced thin) which is even more healthy. It tastes the same as lasagna noodles and has the same cheesy texture. It is also rich in potassium, easily digestible, anti – inflammatory, high in phytonutrients antioxidants and low in calories. This would be your choice to have a quality lunch.

  • Baked with loaded cauliflower:

It is the cauliflower casserole which is totally loaded with packs of gooey cheesy cream and baked potato, bacon, cheddar, cauliflower and butter. The main secret behind this bake is to add some green onions into it. Not only it enhances your taste but also rich in protein.

Here’s why you should batch cook your ketogenic lunches like above recipes:

  • Reduces food waste :

When you batch cook your ketogenic lunches your food won’t get wasted. The thing is once it is cooked you can store it in the refrigerator for a week. In case you have cooked in more amount then you need not worry about that anymore.

  • It saves your money:

It’s often cheaper when you buy every ingredient at a time or in bulk. It is more affordable and cost-effective when you cook multiples meals from the same bulk of ingredients.

  • Get more free time:

Instead of shopping, preparing, making and cleaning up every day, you just need to do these things once on a week or weekly. And the advantage of batch cooking is you won’t have to cook everyday doing the same chores every night, you just have to heat the cooked meals and have it.

  • It keeps you stay focus on your diet plan:

Batch cooking also helps you to stay focus on your ketogenic diet and stay healthy. It has many recipes that you can have and also it is keto – friendly lunches that too saving your valuable time.